Sienna, Rome & Florence

When I procrastinate I don’t mess around.   Back in May of 2011, I had the good fortune to spend two weeks in Italy with friends (photographers) and family.  It’s taken me the better part of ten month to review and process my hundreds of images from the trip. Though we spent a good portion of the time in the Tuscan hillside, we were able to venture into the timeless cities of Sienna, Rome and Florence.  Florence was impressive with its art and culture, as was Sienna, but my favorite was Rome.  Though many people say it’s similar to other large cities, noisy, crowded and occasionally dangerous, I found it captivating.  Vatican City, the Coliseum, The Forum and many other locations beg to be visited more than once.  And as good as the food was in all of Italy, I found Roman cuisine to surpass all others.  Can’t wait to return, someday.