Ireland’s West Coast

Ireland’s West Coast is one of those places that I could return to many times in my life.  In 2006, I did a quick tour of the west coast and then headed to Waterford, Killkenny and Dublin.  This trip we spent the entire 10 days hugging the coast.  The rocky cliffs, spectacular sunrises and sunsets and the lonely country roads are visually spectacular. The various colors of green you see everywhere can’t really be described accurately and even photographing the landscape doesn’t always do it justice. It is truly a place that has to be experienced in person.  I had the pleasure, once again, of hangin’ with the great photographic team of John Barclay and Dan Sniffin, as well as , a gaggle of great photographer’s, too many to mention here.  In addition we had the honor of being hosted by well-known Irish photographer, Peter Cox who made the trip something I will not soon forget.  To see some of the highlights, please CLICK HERE or on the image above.

6 thoughts on “Ireland’s West Coast”

  1. Doug, these photos are absolutely breathtaking and even surreal in some cases. I am very envious. BTW, you had to go all the way to Ireland to meet an ass? Living on the Island I would suspect that happens daily!

  2. Oh YEAH! A great body of work Doug. Now, in keeping with Lindsay… I’d say you didn’t even make and ass out of yourself! Thanks for coming along and for sharing great stuff.

    1. Thanks, JB !!! It’s easy when you’re working with the Master (Peter Cox, I mean) !!!!! LOL !! See you in the Cape in November.

    1. Thanks, Bob!! The venue certainly helped. Doing a grizzly shoot in Alaska next summer and spending a few days in the Seattle area. Will let you know as we get closer, what the dates are.

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