Alaskan Grizzly Bears

A few weeks ago I had the awesome pleasure of traveling to Alaska to photograph wild Grizzly Bears with renowned photographer, Brenda Tharp.  Though I initially had high expectations for this trip, I also did not know exactly what to expect.  I was completely blown away.  First, Alaska is a spectacular landscape.  I had been there 10 years ago on a cruise, but on this trip, staying in a remote coastal cabin, it gave me the true Alaska experience.  As for the bears, they couldn’t have been better hosts.  The coastal grizzlies are usually less aggressive than the mountain grizzlies, but I never expected to get within 15 yards of a mom and her cubs.  Yes I said 15 yards.  What an experience !!!  They seem to trust us and we did everything possible to not violate that trust.  They even would wounder through our lodge’s property, when you least expected it.  We also sailed to a remote bird sanctuary island to photograph puffin and other sea birds.  On the last day of shooting, on my way back to my cabin, I was treated to an American eagle taking flight from his nest.  Though, I clipped one of his wings in my image, I was still thrilled with the experience.

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  1. Avatar Travel Joe
    Travel Joe says:

    HI Doug:

    Awesome pictures. what are you doing at Hain Celestial? You can be another famous naturalist photographer, i.e. Ansel Adams.

    Thank you for sending me your blog. Now I can finally see all the trips you have told me about.

  2. Doug, absolutely fantastic! Love the little guy peaking around the tree/post. Great puffins. Really nice! Glad it was a great trip…now on my bucket list. Thanks for sharing these.

  3. Totally amazing! I’m adding Alaska to my bucket list

  4. Great pictures, Doug! We did have such a great time, eh? Love the opening shot, and the ‘congo line’ of cubs, sleeping bear, and nursing, among my faves. Thanks again for being a part of this and keep sharing your images!

  5. Tremendous set of images Doug! Looks like a trip I need to add to my bucket list. Thanks for sharing bud. Well done.

  6. Gooooood trip, Dougie!! Tremendous bear images, man……I see some very cool texture possibilities!!

  7. I wonder why I didn’t know about your blog sooner. Great images and blog. (We were on the JB Cape Cod P-town workshop together.) Hope all is well and as a fellow blogger will look for new posts in the future.

    • Avatar Dougs_Blog
      Dougs_Blog says:

      Hi Denise, Thanks for subscribing. I remember you from the CC trip. I’m way behind on posting images, so you can expect an inflow soon !!!