Appleseed Hollow and Strasburg Railroad

Spring came late to Pennsylvania this year. Usually the early flower buds and green in the trees has started to give the landscape some color. Not so, this year. Nonetheless the beauty of this area of Lancaster and Chester counties is undeniable. Spent part of the day at Appleseed Hollow. Appleseed Hollow was also a book describing the author’s experience of living on a small farm at the eastern end of Lancaster County, Pennsylvania, from 1958 to 1974. I shot the Hollow with my friend Ed and Kelly Heaton who don’t live far from the farm and have shot there countless times. They know the owner well and we are granted access to the entire property. In the afternoon we visited the Strasburg Rail Road. The railroad is a heritage railroad located near Strasburg, Pennsylvania, operating excursion trains hauled by steam locomotives in the heart of Pennsylvania Dutch Country. The Strasburg is one of the few railroads in the U.S. that utilizes steam locomotives to regularly haul revenue freight trains. Click on the image for a slideshow from the days events.