Yellowstone National Park, Wyoming

Since I was a youngster, the spectacle and uniqueness of Yellowstone has always drawn me.  However, it was not until now that I was able to have all the pieces in place to make this special trip.  Though I was able to cover the majority of the parks almost 3,500 square miles in the three days I was there, I’m certain there were many things I missed. I saw coyote, fox and elk but like many visitors I was not granted the pleasure of viewing the ever solitary black or grizzly bears.  I did come across many small and large herds of wild buffalo and in one case was given a gift I may never forget.  As I watched an average-sized group of about 25 bison, I was stunned to see, in the late morning sun, two usually elusive wolves, circling the herd.  Though they were a significant distance away and my telephoto lens was not quite strong enough to take a perfectly focused image, I was able to capture the moment anyways, regardless of it’s imperfection.