• Lime Rock Park – Off the Track

    Here’s a follow up to my “On the Track” post from Lime Rock Park raceway.  The fantastic people at Lime Rock and Nikon, as well, gave us full access to not only the track, but the pits and garage area, too.  Can’t tell you when I’ve had as much fun as this.  Counting the days to next year’s race !!!

  • Lime Rock Park – On the Track

    Recently, I had the pleasure of doing something I normally don’t do…..photographic something that is actually moving.  Those of you who know me, know I usually shoot landscapes and occasionally nature.  At Lime Rock Park, a 1.5 mile road track, in the beautiful northwest hills of Connecticut, I spent the weekend photographing race cars at up to 15o mph, with complete access to all “save” areas on the track, including the pits and garage areas.  It was a blast !!!  I have a lot to learn in this type of photography, but for a true novice I think I did ok !!

  • Ireland’s West Coast


    Ireland’s West Coast is one of those places that I could return to many times in my life.  In 2006, I did a quick tour of the west coast and then headed to Waterford, Killkenny and Dublin.  This trip we spent the entire 10 days hugging the coast.  The rocky cliffs, spectacular sunrises and sunsets and the lonely country roads are visually spectacular. The various colors of green you see everywhere can’t really be described accurately and even photographing the landscape doesn’t always do it justice. It is truly a place that has to be experienced in person.  I had the pleasure, once again, of hangin’ with the great photographic team of John Barclay and Dan Sniffin, as well as , a gaggle of great photographer’s, too many to mention here.  In addition we had the honor of being hosted by well-known Irish photographer, Peter Cox who made the trip something I will not soon forget.

  • Great Smokey Mountains

    The Great Smoky Mountains National Park was established in 1934 and with over 9 million visits per year, it is the most-visited national park in the United States.  The name “Smoky” comes from the natural fog that often hangs over the range and presents as large smoke plumes from a distance.  This fog, which is most common in the morning and after a rainfall, is the result of warm humid air from the Gulf of Mexico cooling rapidly in the higher elevations of Southern Appalachia.  The images captured here are a reflection of this diverse area, including rushing river rapids, peaceful valley’s and sprawling mountain vistas.  Having never been to this area  of the country before, I will not hesitate to return whenever the opportunity presents itself.

  • Washington DC 2012

    It’s always fun to hang with Ed and Kelly Heaton making images for hours and hours !!!  The plan was to be in DC when the Cherry Blossoms were at their peak.  Well, they peaked a week or so ago, but we certainly made the best of it.  Our evening at the Washington Monument and the WW II Monument was a blast.  We even got to see Marine One (the President’s helicopter) on it’s training runs.  The following morning was chilly but we covered a lot of ground at the memorials of Jefferson, FDR (the waterfalls) and the Vietnam Wall.  Liberal or Conservative, this is an awesome place to visit.  My feet are killing me but it was worth it !!