• Grand Canyon National Park 2011

    Having lived in Arizona for a few years, in the early 2000’s, I have traveled many times to the Grand Canyon.  It is always, for me, like seeing it for the first time.  Often times, the light is different and can make each trip unique in it’s own way.  Last year, I decided to take on the canyon from a different perspective; from the air.  The helicopter ride into the canyon gives you an entirely different feel for the place and though fairly expensive was worth every penny.  Annette and I had front row seats for almost an hour as we traversed a large section of the canyon for an experience I won’t soon forget.  

  • Sedona, Arizona 2011

    In my humble opinion, the spectacular scenery in Sedona, Arizona rivals the Grand Canyon.  Yes, the Canyon is awesome, but for a combination of vast scenery and beautiful landscapes, Sedona is every bit it’s equal.  Though me and my friend Annette only had 24 hours there, on the way to the Canyon, we made the best of it and hopefully I was able capture a few good images of this impressive area. 

  • Southern California 2011

    When your work takes you to different parts of the country it’s nice to be able to travel with people you actually enjoy spending time with.  Going to locations like San Diego and Southern California only adds to the enjoyment.  Here’s a few images from views of the Pacific to the cool critters at the world famous San Diego Wild Animal Park.  

  • Tuscan Hill Towns

    Though there is plenty to see and do in the timeless cities of Italy, the Tuscan hill towns are without a doubt the reason to return to this country numerous times.  The wine, food and atmosphere of this area compares to nothing I’ve ever experienced.  The people are friendly and each town has it’s unique appeal.  We stayed in a 17th century farmhouse that was our base for our first 6 days in Italy.  We explored many of the surrounding hill towns and ventured to fields of poppies and hidden monasteries.  If I knew I had six months to live, this is the place I would want to spend it.  A remarkable portion of a beautiful country. 

  • Sienna, Rome & Florence

    When I procrastinate I don’t mess around.   Back in May of 2011, I had the good fortune to spend two weeks in Italy with friends (photographers) and family.  It’s taken me the better part of ten month to review and process my hundreds of images from the trip. Though we spent a good portion of the time in the Tuscan hillside, we were able to venture into the timeless cities of Sienna, Rome and Florence.  Florence was impressive with its art and culture, as was Sienna, but my favorite was Rome.  Though many people say it’s similar to other large cities, noisy, crowded and occasionally dangerous, I found it captivating.  Vatican City, the Coliseum, The Forum and many other locations beg to be visited more than once.  And as good as the food was in all of Italy, I found Roman cuisine to surpass all others.  Can’t wait to return, someday.